Markham & Scarborough Root Canal Therapy

At Avatar Dental, we care for your oral health, well-being and the overall state of your teeth and mouth. Our aim is to always save your natural teeth and maintain their original looks and function as much as we can. The pulp inside a tooth (the part that contains the nerves and blood vessels) can get damaged as a result of fractures, gum disease, deep cavities or accidents. When bacteria gets into the tooth, it leads to an infected tooth pulp. This is when root canal therapy is needed to save the still functioning parts of the tooth.

root canal

Symptoms of root canal infection include:

  • sensitivity to hot and cold
  • pain upon biting
  • swelling with or without pus
  • excruciating pain when the situation is acute
  • spontaneous discomfort if the tooth is vital

root canal

Our doctors may notice changes in the color of the tooth, changes in your gums, or changes that become evident by x-ray. We can tell from your exam and x-rays if your tooth is necrotic. In all cases, root canal treatment can ease or prevent symptoms, and save the tooth. Teeth that need root canal treatment are usually badly broken down, which is why the root canal treatment process is usually followed by restorative procedures. A dental crown is almost always required to restore the tooth back to its original shape, strength and function.

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