Markham & Scarborough Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions can be as simple as removing a baby tooth or as complicated as removing impacted wisdom teeth. At Avatar Dental we understand the importance and the unmatched benefits of your original, natural teeth, so we do our best to save the tooth instead of extracting it. However, if left with no other option, we resort to tooth extraction in the most careful and caring way and we recommend follow up procedures, if applicable, to ensure you maintain a perfect state of oral health with no compromises.

Tooth extractions

Wisdom tooth extractions are the most common extraction procedure we perform. Most surgeons recommend that young adults have their wisdom teeth removed between the ages of 15 and 22, before the roots have completely developed. Most wisdom teeth are removed because they are impacted, and causing gum disease and decay not only on the wisdom teeth but also on the neighbouring molars. Cyst formation is not common, but can occur in some severe cases causing bone loss in the lower jaw. Another reason to extract the wisdom teeth is to provide the rest of the teeth with a little more space and less crowding. After a comprehensive examination by our doctors, we’ll inform you of the recommended treatment plan and we’ll thoroughly discuss all the details with you. It is recommended that you follow our doctors’ pre- and post-procedure instructions to guarantee the best results and a successful healing process.

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