Dear Dr. Yuen:

I want to say thank you to you and Wendy and all your staff under your leadership for treating my last gum surgery.

Your staff are so helpful, encouraging, kind and wonderful team players.  With their support and assistance, I had it done without fear and discomfort at all.

I remembered that a few days before surgery, I had to go to your office to pick up prescription.  I was still so scared and not sure if I was able to cope with everything.  Then Wendy offered her warm heart and helping hand that I was so touched and I know I was going to be ok.

A special thank you to you, Dr. Yuen for your professionalism, patience, dedication and hard work.

I’m so lucky to have you looking after my teeth for the past 20 years.

Warmest regards,

Kathy Kwan
Scarborough, Ont.

April  8, 2010