I have been a patient of Dr Sunny Yuen for over ten years. Throughout that time, the dental services that I have received from his practice have been nothing short of stellar. When Dr Yuen suggested that I needed to undergo a gum graft in order to repair an area in my mouth where gums had receded, I did not hesitate to have it done. Dr Yuen was very knowledgeable in describing what the procedure actually entailed and why I needed it. It was evident that he was aware of what was best for me and informed me of how I could benefit from getting this done. Admittedly, I was apprehensive regardless of how thorough and descriptive he and his staff were about the surgery. It was a common sentiment that I am sure is shared by a lot of people about to undergo this procedure. Nonetheless, everyone at the office was very supportive in informing me of the certain precautions (ie. taking antibiotics) that would have to be taken beforehand.

In all honesty, the procedure was conducted very well despite the fact that I was asleep throughout. I was elated and relieved by the fact that I did not feel any pain once the freezing wore off. There was the expected tenderness but no real discomfort. Wendy and Crystal were very helpful in ensuring that I meticulously followed the post-surgery procedures to ensure proper healing of the operated area. By the second day after the surgery, I felt back to normal. The area continued to feel tender but I was back to eating wholesome albeit soft foods.

The procedure may sound unbearable and painful but I can attest to the fact that it really is not. If you follow the necessary pre and post surgery steps as advised by Dr Yuen and his staff, not only will you not have any problems but you will leave the office content in having had the procedure done in the first place.

F. Facunda